In seventh grade, I won a Young Author Award and went on a field trip for a day to hear a real author speak inspiringly to our bright faces. I can’t remember what happened in the story, or why it was chosen. Since then I’ve been playing an elaborate game of hide-and-seek with (creative) writing—most often I’m the one hiding.

But these days there’s a lot to think about, and too much going on in the world for any of us to really take in. It helps to find some way to mull it over. I find that listening for the stories that people carry just under the surface to be important. Stories that emerge through catch phrases and underlying assumptions about themselves and how the world is “supposed” to be.

This blog is my mulling space. Perhaps eventually some of these ideas will venture into something, but right now it’s time to pay attention to people, to books, and to their stories.

Admittedly, I read everything from a (Christian) theological perspective. I believe passionately in God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe that the Bible is how we learn about Creator God, God’s love for creation, God’s imprint on humanity that drives us to participate in creativity; and how humanity has responded to God’s call to be (his) people. I believe that the Word of God is the most powerful force in creation, and that Jesus is the Word, author of life, author of faith, the perfect image-bearer of God. I believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit we participate in God’s work here on the earth. I believe that everyone has a unique vocation, and that the enemy of our souls runs as much interference as possible, to prohibit fulfillment of our vocation. Stubbornness, then, is an excellent trait to cultivate, a stubborn proclamation that nothing/no one is greater than God, and we worship God alone.

May the God of Peace shine Light into your life today, and every day.