I haven’t written much lately. Certainly not anywhere near as much as I thought I might. But that fits the kind of year it’s been. Nothing has turned out the way I thought it would. Nothing. Yet just when I want to scream and cry and punch the wall, to remind God of just how unfair life is–a breath of wind makes me pause. Somehow, I am closer to knowing what the next season holds. Somehow, I am more sure of my dreams. Somehow, the Lord has done it.

Simple pleasures can make the day. I have begun playing a game with my passwords at work. You know how some systems make you change your password every x weeks? I think of a Bible verse, at random, and use it. The last one didn’t actually exist, which is a risk when John wrote far fewer words than Paul. This time, however, I ended up with a verse on hope. Continuous hope that joins in praising God. It comes in the midst of lament and petitions for God to save, for God to rescue. Suddenly I felt a breath, a whisper, I am with you. in the midst of changing a password, God shows up.

Where is God waiting for you today?